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Legal Policies is owned and operated by Yellow Rose Designs (dba in Tarrant County, Texas as “Yellow Rose Designs”).

Privacy Policy
We do not share or sell information submitted to, whether through our Contact Form or other means of communication. Names and e-mail addresses will not be published and will be kept only to inform you when your design(s) or shop(s) has been listed or to reply to inquiries.

We reserve the right to select which designs/shops are listed on our site. While our primary focus is “art”, we are willing to showcase other designs that we feel fit the theme/goal of our site. Warning: We won’t promote any designs that promote any kind of racial, gender, minority, religious or other discrimination.

We will try to inform shopkeepers when their design is scheduled to be/has been listed so that you can share and promote your entry. Currently, we are only accepting submissions for designs on

We do our best to follow the Zazzle ratings system: This ratings system depends on Zazzle Designers properly rating their own designs. If we believe a design contains an ‘R’ rating (regardless of how it is listed on Zazzle), we will mark it as such on our site and give our readers the option to view such content (ie, by following a link, etc.). You may be required by Zazzle to log into your account and provide personal information to view R rated designs.

We do not send our parent company’s newsletter to anyone unless they have explicitly opted in using our 2-step opt-in process. We do occasionally include listings and promotions for other shops (see our Featured Artist section) in our Newsletter. If you would like to opt in (or out) of the Yellow Rose Designs Newsletter, please visit this page:

Affiliates & Cookies
When clicking on the links to our advertisers, we ask that you have Cookies enabled on your browser. This is how we earn our living. We promise to only link to reputable companies and that no harmful cookies will be set on your computer. The expiration range of our advertiser cookies is from one(1) day to forty-five(45) plus days.

Affiliates Disclosure Policy
Due to changing U.S. laws governing affiliate marketers, we are required to let our readers know that we earn commission on products and advertising links through online affiliate programs. In accordance with the new FTC Guidelines, please be aware that, unless otherwise noted, links to other sites may contain an affiliate linking code. We receive no monies for providing links on our site (also known as Pay Per Click) and we do not accept or receive gifts in exchange for links or reviews.

We carefully review all affiliate sites and advertisers, and only link to reputable companies. Any purchase you make will be covered by the seller’s Guarantee and Terms.

Affiliate Content
Use of Affiliate images/content in accordance with affiliate agreements. This includes agreements with CafePress, Zazzle, Amazon and other affiliate-managed merchant site(s) to promote and sell on behalf of the merchant site(s). (With regard to the CafePress Marketplace: Affiliate terms state affiliating sites may promote CafePress “Shops” regardless of Marketplace status. If you are a CafePress Shopkeeper, please note that your Marketplace status does not affect the Affiliate Agreement with CafePress. An “opted-out” shop may still be promoted, however affiliates [i.e., this site] will not receive commission on those sales.)
All associate links are in association with Zazzle. We are an affiliate site and in no way related to or its subsidiaries.