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I Believe…

Pick of the Week: January 09 – 15

I’m a guardian, I’ve seen it all / Empires that rise, kingdoms which fall / A lot of pain, too much despair / But also love, things which are fair / Colors of life in all their shades / I know all goes, everything fades / But here I am, I will not leave / In the future I still believe…

© Original poem by La Petite Bohémienne, 2012

How to Train Your Dragon

We all need a little breather with Mr (or Mrs?) Christmas almost knocking at our door so this week will be a Necklace Week. :)

Our PotD for Monday is this little blue-eyed couple, a fairy and her dragon girl. I’m pretty sure the dragon is a girl because she uses the same hair dye as her human counterpart. :D I must say both of them are very photogenic and the dragon lady is definitely good at striking a pose. I guess the girl really knows how to train her dragon. ;)


Dragon in Love

What if dragons were real? Would they fall in love? Could a beautiful girl be wooed by one? This stunning 3D drawing shows the answer is clearly Yes!

The song, Adiemus, inspires visions of fantasy, flight, and fleeting love. Download it here:

Through the Fire and Flames

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the word “dragon”? Powerful, mythical, fantasy, supernatural, legendary? Something completely different?

I think this song by Dragonforce. I think “crazy”. Have a look at the picture. I see a story there. The dragon surely doesn’t look like a friendly pet that could be tamed or defeated easily. Everything seems to be on its side, everything seems to play to its advantage – its size, its power, the fear that it raises. Facing and fighting such a creature does seem crazy and hopeless. And yet there’s always someone who is trying. Someone we consider crazy at first but brave in the end. The line between “crazy” and “brave” surely is damn thin at times. But that’s also the place where heroes are born. ;-)