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Green Poison

Today is really exciting because we’re posting our very first Blackberry Case design as our PotD (Pick of the Day)! :D

Green and black is one of my favorite color combinations so I couldn’t resist when I saw this. The artist calls the style “cybergoth” but I think even “steampunk” lovers might find it really appealing. It definitely has that factor X that made it worth for me to share it with the world. ;-) And because I see this design as a new, modern take on evergreen classics like witches or fantasy in general, I decided to do the same for the music. The vial with the green liquid in the girl’s hand made me think of Poison so the song is quite obvious but it’s a new, different cover by Tarja Turunen of the original song by Alice Cooper. :)

Even Turtle Girls Want to Have Fun

Today’s featured design is this little turtle girl… Yes, I heard it. All those aww’s and oh’s and “That’s so cute!”. Well, it is c… cool. That’s what I was about to say. ;-) Anyway, it’s pretty obvious that this turtle lady is having fun on her rock surrounded by flowers, watching the dragonfly, and that’s what’s important. Because even turtle girls just want to have fun! :)