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May Your Bed Never Be Cold

Pick of the Week: January 16 – 22

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away so this week’s pick brings you Kitten Valentine. We think it has enough “cute”, the perfect balance between¬† “sweet” and “artistic”, and the right amount of Valentine spirit.

In case you wonder why the title, watch this short video (although it’s not a song this time). May your bed never be cold, both on Valentine’s Day and throughout the whole year. :-)


Kitten Valentine shirt
Kitten Valentine by Memory_Lane
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Sexy and I Know It

It’s Sexy Saturday and we have something for guys today. Yes, that’s right! Just because we like balance in all things and because nobody said that our Sexy Saturdays have to be only about sexy designs for ladies.

There are times when it’s men who need to impress a lady and although it’s better to use your brain from time to time to do so, sometimes showing off other parts can do the trick. ;-) So grab this tee, put it on and let all the ladies know that there’s nothing sexier than a great sense of humor… Alright, there is… You have to start singing: I’m sexy and I know it! ;-D


Driver picks the art, shotgun shuts his cakehole!

Welcome to our little art site on the web, where our mission is to help you “wear your art on your sleeve” … or in this case, on your t-shirt, button, iPhone case, magnet on a fridge door, on your dog … well, you get the picture. We believe that you can, and should!, surround yourself with art every day. Our goal? To seek out new and different designs to share with our readers. To promote new, exciting and unknown artists. To lead you away from mass-produced t-shirts and help you find a style all your own. To boldly go where no design has gone before.

We hope you enjoy the ride!